Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nu-Soul Magazine Presents Art & Soul

A Night Full Of Artistry and Soul Music at The Mezz

On a beautiful night in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, the scene was set as some of LA's most talented artists gathered to display their artwork and music. The Art + Soul event presented by Nu-Soul Magazine gave people a chance to come out and discover the underground art movement sweeping the streets of LA.

Nu-Soul Magazine founded by Norman Mayers in 2006, bridges the gap between the world of R&B/soul and the underground vibes of electronica. Nu-Soul showcases artists and events in Greater Los Angeles updating the Neo-Soul community about the latest trends in soul and urban culture.

Art +Soul featured artists Teresa Bone, City Mindfunk, Otha Davis, Christine Miyahari, Kyoko Cole, Daniel Felechner, Lola, Gigi, and Keenan Chapman. Painting, clothes and multiple forms of art were curated on the second floor of The Mezz located on South Spring Street. 

Vendors included fashion and jewelry from Thot Creations, Boho Funk, Litered Nation, JWNY, Sluts and Diamonds, and Polish by Ash.

The soundtrack for the night was provided by Seven57 and guest DJ Kronika (Soulection) that had the vibe feeling just right mixing old school soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul and electronica.

The night was topped off by featured act Nikki Grier providing her soulfully and sexy performance with covers such as "Sugarfree" and songs from her most recent release "Soulgasm Vol. 9 - The Dreamy Water Sign" with grooves such as "Everyday"and "Love For Your Love."

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

André DePriest's EP "Temptations" Is Creating A Buzz In The Neo-Soul Community

Up and Coming Soul Artist Receiving Great Reviews For Newly Released Project

   Courtesy of Wendy Le Photography

While many of today's urban music trends include "Poppin' Mollys" and sexually exploiting women, Neo-Soul/Soul artist André DePriest brings a breath of fresh air with his newly released EP Temptations, a soulful journey through relationships and the temptations driving the human spirit.

DePriest, whose focus is to bring back more of a positive and soulful vibe to the urban community and around the world, blesses listeners with his soulful voice over traditional Neo-Soul backgrounds with his current single "If You're Ready.

As André prepares to release his next single "Get Over You," which features an old school feel blended with new school style and flavor, check out some of the reviews he has received from top Neo-Soul subscriptions.

     "André DePriest is ready to emerge as a seasoned veteran ready to take the music world by storm." - Godfrey Fletcher,  Neo2Soul Promotions  Click here
   "André DePriest  has shown that he can hang with some of the best in the neo-soul pantheon.  Understated, yet masterfully textured and layered vocals ride over the top of some extraordinarily smooth and chilled-out beats, suitable for a night out or a night in with a loved one. Classic soul elements and modern hip hop grooves coincide effortlessly, and definitely leave us waiting for what André will come with next!" - Norman Mayers, Nu Soul Magazine  Click Here

Temptations is currently available to purchase and download at

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Who's Next? Ms. Drama Ganza

The Girl Next Door Female Emcee Making A Name For Herself In Los Angeles 

After stops in Milwaukee, Cincinnati and Atlanta, the city of Inglewood is now housing the next female game changer, Ms. Drama Ganza. With her traditional Blues sensibility and solid hip hop rhythms, Drama Ganza gives you a taste of her southern and midwest swag with her witty rhymes, singing and metaphor skills on songs like "Wave'm 4 Me," "Gift of Gab" and "Girl Next Door."

Currently, Drama Ganza is being featured on one of LA's top radio stations, Power 106 FM in the "Who's Next @ 2pm" contest. Click here to cast your vote!

Friday, December 28, 2012

André DePriest Spreads A Little Bit Of Soul At The Fresh Network

A Night Of Networking and Building A Small Business Community

On a night where some of LA's young and upcoming business entrepreneurs gathered to give elevator pitches and share business practices, soul singer and recording artist André DePriest hit the stage to give the crowd a taste of his new upcoming soulful  EP "Temptations," at The Fresh Network Event located at Skinny's Lounge in North Hollywood. 

Los Angeles is known for birthing some of the most successful businesses, artists and entertainers in the world. For those who "Take a Leap of Faith" to start their own business, quickly find out that it is not an easy process. If starting a successful business was easy, then everyone would start one.

Gimel "Brutha Gimel" Hooper, a spoken word artist, DJ and business man in the Los Angeles area, hosted The Fresh Network with the intent of bringing young business men and women together to network, collaborate and to build a small business community and family. There were varieties of industries that were represented from financial services, fashion, jewel, photography, music, web design, playwrights and a host of others.

At the end of the networking festivities, a special performance was given by the amazing and talented André DePriest, who performed "If You're Ready," "In This Life" and "Let's Get Down Tonight" from his new project "Temptations," which touches on love and the realistic ups and downs in relationships for the intimate and anticipating crowd.

It was just a great night of positivity, support and building of a small business networking community for tomorrow's successful entrepreneurs.

For more information and upcoming events for Gimel Hooper and André DePriest, you can find them at the following links:

Gimel Hooper

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Emcees Giving Back Toy Drive in Leimert Park

Talented L.A. Lyricists Spreading The Holiday Spirit

In the month of December, most of us are getting into the holiday spirit, trimming the tree, listening to our favorite Christmas songs and trying to find that special gift that our loved ones wants for Christmas. Many of us work extra hours just so that we can afford to have a Christmas in our households and to see the smiles and excitement on our family's and especially our children's faces.

Unfortunately, due to a variety of circumstances, there are many families that cannot afford to buy gifts and struggle just to get by day to day or there are kids that don't have families to enjoy Christmas with.

Kaos Network, located right in the heart of Los Angeles in Leimert Park, hosted a Hip-Hop showcase and toy drive event, where the cover was $5.00 dollars or bring a toy for entry. The proceeds and toys will be used for the upcoming Toy & Clothes Giveaway Winter Block Party, hosted by Project Blowed at 4343 West Leimert Park Boulevard on December 16th.

The Hip-Hop showcase featured some of the hottest upcoming young emcees in the Greater Los Angeles area representing Inglewood, Leimert Park, Compton, Pasadena and more.

The showcase started off with emcees Black Diamond "Soul Power" and J-Ann from Compton "Get Motivated," songs that promote positivity and how the power of music has saved their lives.

Drama Ganza from Cincinnati, Ohio, currently residing in Inglewood, stole the show, bring a lot of energy with her stage presence and boss chick lyrics with her song "The Girl Next Door."

Next, Nu Nu Young Hot Celeb from California and Chicago  representing L.O.U.D. Pact  continued to hold it down for the ladies with her song "Dreams."

Another emcee to look out for is a brother that goes by the name Russian Roulette. Representing Inglewood to the fullest with his song "Inglewood Salute" and acapella freestyle. His metaphors  and similes remind you of a young Ghostface Killa from the Wu Tang Clan.

Presidential Smoke and Radisrad rocked the mic as well with their underground sound, rhyming about relationships they have been through with women.

There were many more emcees that were doing their thing and made the night a great success. Los Angeles definitely has talent across the city with different styles and swag holding down the west coast and the future of Hip-hop. It was great to attend a positive movement and see how Hip-Hop can make a difference in the community in a positive way.

To donate or for more information on the upcoming Toy & Clothes Giveaway, you can contact DVS/Miaisha at (323) 352-4677 or

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Art of DJing With A Girl Called Selectra

One of LA's Hottest Female DJs Guaranteed To Keep You Groovin' On The Dance Floor

If you're in Los Angeles looking to go somewhere you can just unbutton your shirt or let your hair down, have a few drinks and just dance, then you have to find out where DJ Selectra is going to be.

Wendy Le AKA DJ Selectra is one of L.A's hottest upcoming DJs that is sure to keep a party going, mixing Hip-Hop, 90's R&B, Old School Mixes and Reggae.

A regular at "The Room" in Hollywood, "The Whaler" in Marina Del Ray, and many other venues throughout L.A. and Culver City, Selectra considers herself an artist that specializes in the art of DJing, which consist of perfecting blends, mixes and feeling the vibe of the crowd.

A regular party goer  at "The Whaler" said, "She's dope! The music is not normally that good here, it's a good change, I'm feeling her vibe."

To get more information on DJ Selectra, future events and where you can upload some of her mixes, you can check out the following links:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ginny Luke Rocks Club Tarantino at Three Clubs Hollywood

Multi-Talented Singer Showcases New Songs from New 'Self-Titled' EP 

It was a quiet night in Hollywood on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and North Vine Street in contrast from the night before, where goons, goblins and all types of people dressed in costume marched the streets during it's annual Halloween parade.

Three Clubs, a small and intimate venue known for introducing up and coming talent to the music industry, once again opened it's doors to debut the multi-talented Ginny Luke at the Club Tarantino event.

Ginny Luke, a talented singer/violinist/songwriter originally from Dubuque, Iowa, has collaborated with companies such as Fender and Panasonic 3D, played background violin for artists such as J. Cole and Snoop Dogg and has toured with hard rock legend Meat Loaf, is now stepping into the limelight promoting her self-titled EP.

During her 45 minute set, the crowd was very entertained with the full rock sound of the band in the intimate and up close setting. You could really hear and feel the passion in Luke's voice and electric violin solos as she mixes lyrics of broken relationships, hardships and struggles with hard rock, funky synth lines and dynamic strings in songs such as Timebomb Tactics, Hysteria, and Silverlining Turnaround. 

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